Turn complex requirements
to workflows without leaving the
comfort of your technology stack.

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Screenshot of ActiveWorkflow
Screenshot of ActiveWorkflow's web front-end.

ActiveWorkflow works alongside your existing technology stack to give you an easy and structured way to:

  • Group business logic for periodic execution—for example, to generate and distribute a weekly report.
  • Poll resources—for example, to check if a file has become available on S3.
  • Orchestrate event-driven functionality—for example, to trigger a customised email campaign in reaction to a pattern of user behaviour.

You can do all of the above by creating, scheduling, and monitoring workflows of agents, which are self-contained services (or microservices) written in any programming language you choose. ActiveWorkflow gives you a simple way to connect agents to form workflows, extensive logging, state management so that you don't have to worry about a database, and a foundation for scalability and reliability.

ActiveWorkflow is not a no-code platform, but does offer a fully featured UI so that both developers and other stakeholders can manage and monitor workflows.

For more details please check

ActiveWorkflow on GitHub

or see ActiveWorkflow Documentation


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